Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Important Note, CORRECTION!

Seems I made a mistake in the setup of this blog, so you probably got only a segement of the note. To read all of it, please go to:
My apologies!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Important Note!!!

You might have noticed that of late I do not post much on this blog.
What happens, is that already over one year, I have an iPad (the New one, version 3, and since last Monday, the newest one, iPad Air), and I just love it. Not just for the ease of work, but also because it is a wonderful art tool. A lot of my recent work was either finished in the iPad, or made from the very start on it.
As i was working more and more on the iPad, I started a new site on weebly.com, my idea being that it would be for the display of the iPad artwork.
In time, I realized that the new site is also much easier, and allows me a lot of freedom, more than the Blogger site.
So, dear friends, I am inviting you to subscribe on my new site: 
(You will find the subscription box on the right side of the page, below archives).

This old blog will still be up, but I do not promise frequent upgrades, so you can either keep the old subscription, or cancel it, it is up to you.

Also, the 'Main Site', which I must point out, is NOT a blog, is up, and will be updated to show major events and a more or less linear development of my art: http://www.anthropofagus.net/
Wishing you all the best, and keep warm in the coming winter!