Monday, July 11, 2011

Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum

Yesterday I saw this show for a second time, and it feels even more amazing than the first time. I could see details I missed the first time, other details that I did see but this time I got to see a different meaning. I really have to see it again, before it closes down (August 7). Stunning!

From Mr. Andrew Bolton, curator in The Costume Institute:
...McQueen always started every collection with an idea or a concept for the runway presentation before the fashions. After the concept, he would have this elaborate sort of storyboard with these various references from art, from film, from music—his influences from everywhere...
...Every collection told a story. When you watched one of McQueen’s collections, you were always having these feelings of awe or wonder or fear or terror...

More details, including videos, on the Met's website:

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